Terms and Conditions

This draft (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) establishes and regulates all relationships between The Change Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and each of its clients (hereinafter referred to as the Client). This Agreement may be amended from time to time. By signing in for new account, the Client agrees with this Agreement and confirms his/her consent to all provisions as detailed hereon.

1. Introduction

1.1. The Change Ltd provides online trading services via its brand and its European billing agent and The Change Ltd website.

1.2. This Agreement covers all relationships between the Company and its clients who have registered on The Change Ltd . The Company provides its services only to persons who are of legal age.

1.3. The Company has the right to change or amend the Agreement at its sole discretion from time to time. All changes will be effective immediately, once updated and published on the website. If the Client continues to use the services of the Company after this term, then by default this means the Client has given consent to the changes that have been made. For the avoidance of doubt, it is advised that the Client regularly checks this Agreement for any changes and monitors news on The Change Ltd

2. Agreement on online service usage

2.1. This Agreement covers the website The Change Ltd and all resources and information which are published on the Company’s website. The Client should make himself/herself familiar with all information that is available on The Change Ltd.

2.2. The Client agrees that the Company’s services should be used by persons with knowledge and experience in investment markets, who are able to estimate risk and profit levels while making deals, without relying on data provided on The Change Ltd.

2.3. The Client should take into account the fact that online trading may be considered illegal in some countries. The Company does not give legal advice of any kind on the matter of the legality of its services within the country of residence of the Client. The Company may refuse to provide services to the Client who resides in a country where the Company’s services are illegal. The website The Change Ltd will, however, still be available.

3. Terms and Definitions

3.1. Account – the trading account opened by the Client with the Company, which has a unique login and is owned by the Client.

3.2. Login credentials (personal data) – data that is used by the Client to access their member area and trading account on The Change Ltd.

3.3. Agreement – the terms and conditions under which the Company provides its services to the Client.

3.4. Balance – refers to all the money that is held on the Client’s trading account.

3.5. Base currency – this is the first currency that is mentioned in a currency pair name.

3.6. Company website – this refers to our website The Change Ltd.

3.7. Trading times – the specified hours when the Company’s clients are able to use the Company’s terminal for trading in the investment market. Trading times may be changed by the Company.

3.8. Service – this refers to a service that the Company provides to the Client under the terms and conditions that are defined in the present Agreement.

3.9. Transaction – a deal that the Client has made from his trading account. It should be understood that a deal is defined as any type of action with funds, such as the opening or closing of a position, deposit or withdrawal of funds, etc.

4. Required details to open trading account

4.1. You are aware that the Company may refuse to provide you with one or more of its services in the case that this is within the interests of the Company.

4.1. To open a trading account, the Client needs to provide the Company with certain personal details to prove his/her identity and confirm that these details are reliable and accurate at the moment of registration.

a) The Client’s login and password, which are the credentials which will be used to get access to the member area on The Change Ltd, should not be disclosed to anyone and should be stored in a safe place for security purposes. If you suspect that your personal details might be compromised then you should contact the Company’s support department (details of which can be found on The Change  Ltd) as soon as possible and change your password.
b) If you would like to register as a company, then you will have to confirm that you accept all terms of the present Agreement on behalf of your entire organization. Our Company is obliged to comply with a confidentiality policy regarding all data that you submit.
c) You agree that you are responsible for the usage of all trading strategies, trades and analytical reports and that the Company is not responsible for any of your actions.
d) You agree to provide the Company with your personal details (name, residential address, date of birth, etc.) for the purpose of opening a trading account, and you further agree to provide additional details which may be needed. These details are used for verification in order to secure our clients’ financial transactions.
e) You agree to use the Company’s services exclusively in your own name and confirm that your actions do not have identity fraud intent.
f) You confirm that you are using the Company services by your own free will.
g) You agree that data of your interaction with the Company will be saved and may be used in the case of a dispute between yourself and the Company or authorities.
h) You give your consent for your contact details to be used by the Company in order to optimize your interactions with the Company (to inform you about new promotions or offers, or about important changes in the Company’s practice).

5. Client’s responsibilities

5.1. The Client confirms that the funds which are used for trading through the Company’s services, belong to the Client, are free from taxation, and are not credit or fraud funds.

5.2. The Client is obliged to act only in his/her name and should not represent the interests of any third party. The only exception will be in cases when there are appropriate documents that entitle one to act on behalf of another person and those documents have to conform to the Company’s requirements.

5.3. The Client understands that the Company may return all funds to their legitimate owner if there is any indisputable evidence that those funds, which are used for trading, belong to a third party or have been obtained by criminal means. Moreover, the Company has the right to cancel the Client’s transactions and terminate this Agreement. All legal measures can be taken in order to compensate for Company losses if there is any fraud activity taking place on the Client’s part.

5.4. The Client confirms that at the moment of signing this Agreement, he/she has reached legal age and is legally capable to act on his/her own behalf.

5.5. The Client agrees that any deals, which he/she has made using the Company’s services, shall be carried out through the Company’s trading platform.

5.6. The Client is responsible for providing the Company with real documents and keeping them up to date.

6. Trading on investment markets

6.1. When the Client accepts this Agreement, he/she will be able to access the Company’s trading system and will be able to make trades on the investment instruments which are offered by the Company.

6.2. The Client agrees that he/she will keep their credential details in a safe place that is not available for or exposed to any third parties, and will not disclose them to anyone. The Client agrees not to resist any actions that upgrade the security for his/her data and the procedure for access to this data.

6.3. The Client agrees not to use the Company’s trading platform for any fraudulent activities, such as price manipulation, or intentionally cause trading platform malfunctions in order to obtain a profit.

6.4. The Client is responsible for keeping his/her credential data for our trading platform safe. If the Client is at all suspicious that his/her credential details are being used by a third party without their consent, the Client must immediately inform the Company and undertake all required measures to secure these details. All trading orders and financial transactions that are initiated with the Client’s credential details will be considered by the Company as orders and transactions made by the Client.

6.5. The Client must notify the Company about all occurrences of receiving wrong market data on the trading platform, failure to execute a trading order, or any false order execution which the Client did not make.

6.6. The Client gives his/her consent to use software that is required to install and correctly operate the trading platform.

6.7. The Company is not liable for any unauthorized access by third parties to the Client’s personal information or leakages during data transmissions towards the Company representatives through the Internet.

6.8. The Company is not liable for any electronic problems which may lead to the trading platform not working properly.

6.9. The Company is not liable for damage that the Client suffers as result of incorrect market data transmissions, technical or other system errors, network overloads, computer viruses, etc. The Client should understand that in the case of a technical failure he/she may have limited access to the trading platform. The Company may notify the Client in advance about the need to temporarily suspend his/her access to the trading platform and/or make necessary adjustments in trading positions, because of any of the aforementioned reasons.

6.10. The Company reserves the right to make necessary adjustments in trading positions or/and terminate the Client’s access to the trading platform, at its sole discretion, in cases that may require such a measure. Such cases include the following:

a) The Client violates the conditions of the present Agreement and does not fulfill obligations;
b) There is a problem with the Internet connection or electricity supply of the trading platform;
c) There is a need to protect the Client’s interests because of a security threat to his/her personal details.
d) There is a technological error (including but not limited to: trading platform, hosting, data feeds, processing, etc.);
e) The Client’s actions are revealed to be of fraudulent nature.
6.11. The Company reserves the right to block the Client’s account in the case of propagation of any information threatening the credibility of the company, or capable of inflicting moral damage to the Company’s employees.

6.12. The Company reserves the right to cancel a transaction (trade) if the contract has been made on a price that does not reflect the fair market price. In this case, the Company informs the Client about the mistake pertaining to the transaction price and cancels the Client’s trade. If necessary, the Company may restrict the volume of a Client’s trades or impose other restrictions. Profits for contracts with incorrect prices will be cancelled or paid in accordance with the current market quotes, which can be found on The Change Ltd and will be correspondent with the trade results as per Company’s discretion.

7. Trading

7.1 Transaction execution

7.1.1. The Client places an order with the price that he/she can see in the trading terminal and once the trade is opened then execution starts. The price in the Client’s order may be different from the current market price because of high market volatility or delays that are caused by failures in the Internet connection between the Client’s and Company’s servers. The Client must make trades in his/her own name or entitle somebody else to act on his/her behalf. The latter requires notarized power of attorney and other required documents.

7.1.2. The Company agrees that it will exercise best efforts for the timeliness of the Client’s order execution, however the Company cannot guarantee order execution in exact compliance with the Client’s presets. The Company will immediately notify the Client if it is impossible to execute an order (because of market closure, asset illiquidity, etc.)

7.1.3. A trading order can be placed and executed/deleted only during the Company’s trading hours, however this order will remain valid during the next trading hour’s timeframe.

7.1.4. The Company can change the list of assets that are available for the Client to open options on. For example, if a major asset has a high chance of falling and the Company is aware of this fact, then the Company is entitled to withdraw this asset from its trading platform.

7.1.5. If deemed necessary, the Company may impose limitations on the number of positions a Client can open, or impose other limitations, including:

a) Limitation on the maximum amount per one order.
b) Control of the trading platform in order to identify the Client while he/she is making a trade.
7.1.6. If such limitations are to be imposed, the Company will notify the Client in advance about such changes.

7.1.7. The Client should understand that some financial markets might impose their own limitations on synthetic order types.

7.1.8. In the case the Client has any open positions on the ex-dividend day for a major asset, the Company has the right to close such a position at the last price of the previous trading day and open the equivalent volume of the underlying financial instrument at the first available price on the ex-dividend day. If such a situation is to occur, the Company will inform the Client about such adjustments and no Client consent will be required.

7.2 Transaction confirmations

Confirmations for all transactions that have been executed on the Client’s trading account will be shown in the Client’s online account through the trading platform as soon as the transaction is executed. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Company if any confirmations are incorrect. The Client has the right to request to be sent their Account statement for a month or quarter. It is at the Company’s sole discretion whether they choose to provide this data, but the Company is not obliged to.

7.3. Authorization of third person to give instructions on behalf of a Client

The Client has the right to authorize a third party to give orders to the Company on their behalf. To achieve this, the Client has to authorize the third party in accordance to legal procedure and provide notarized documents that prove the third party authorization. If the Client would like to terminate the third party authorization, they must inform the Company of this decision.

7.4. Social Trading

Taking part in Social Trading includes copying the deals of other traders automatically with the Client’s consent. With Social Trading, the entire responsibility for the results of transactions is solely the Client’s.

8. Pricing policy

8.1. The Company may set prices on assets in the following cases:

a) The Client transaction closes automatically.
It is the Client’s responsibility to decide whether or not he/she wishes to deal at the price quoted by the Company.

8.2. Each price shall be effective and may be used in a dealing instruction prior to its expiration time. A price may not be used in a dealing instruction after the expiration time. The Company is not required to notify the Client before price expiration time.

8.3. The Client acknowledges that the prices quoted by the Company may differ from the prices provided by other companies to their clients. Prices that are provided by other companies and other third parties are not considered by the Company and do not affect the trading activities of Clients.

8.4. The Company reserves the right to cease providing prices for trading instruments and settlement dates at any moment without having to give prior notice to the Client. When the Company quotes a price, market conditions may change before the time the Client’s order is executed. Such movements may be either in the Client’s favour or against it.

9. Refusal to execute Client order

9.1 The Company reserves the right, at any time and without giving any notice, to refuse the execution of any order, in any of the following cases:

a) If the Company has reason to suspect that the execution of an order is part of an attempt to manipulate the market, trading on inside information, or relates to money laundering activities.
b) If a trade can potentially affect the reliability or efficiency of the operation of the trading platform.
c) If the Client does not have sufficient funds in his/her account to make a transaction.

10. Cancellation of Client transactions

10.1. The Company has the right to cancel the Client’s transaction in the following instances:

a) The Company has reason to believe that the Client is involved in fraud practice in his/her activity.
b) The order was placed on a price that doesn’t match the market price and was displayed as a result of system errors or malfunctions (whether these be through the Company’s or the Client’s fault).
c) The transaction has been performed in violation of the provisions of this Agreement.
d) The Client uses the cancel trade feature too often. The maximum amount of trade cancellation is two cancelled per one trade made.

11. Client’s transactions management

11.1. The acquisition of the transaction is complete when all the details of the contract have been met, the client is installed, the profit margin is calculated and payment for the transaction has already been confirmed.

11.2. The Client agrees to be fully liable for the management of every transaction that is made under his/her account through the Company’s trading terminal.

11.3. In cases where the Client can check an account statement online on a continuous basis, then the Company will only consider any objections made by the Client to be valid within 2 working days from the disputable transaction completion.

12. Client’s funds usage

12.1. Funds belonging to the Client that are intended for trading purposes will be kept in the accounts of any banks and/or financial institutions used to accept funds, which the Company will specify from time to time. Funds will be held in the Client’s and/or the Company’s name. It is understood that the Company is not liable for any inability to pay as well as omission to act from any third party, which are connected to this clause.

12.2. The Client’s funds, deposited to his/her account, will be held in the Company accounts or on the accounts of the Company’s paying agents. Information about the Company’s paying agents can be found in Company’s website The Change Ltd.

12.3. Upon the signing of the Agreement, the Client authorises the Company to make any deposits and withdrawals to and from the Account on his/her behalf in order to settle trades.

12.4. The Company is liable to pay to the Client any amount that must be paid to the Client by transferring money either to the Client’s bank account or to an account the Client holds in any other payment system. Processing times for requests are stated on our website The Change Ltd. The time needed for crediting money into the Client’s personal account is dependent on the Client’s bank account provider.

12.5. The Client is entitled to withdraw any amount from his/her account that is not involved in trades and not held to fulfil margin requirements, without closing his/her account and is not involved in any bonus promotions.

12.6. When the Client requests to withdraw money, either in full or in part, but does not meet the provisions of this Agreement, the Company has the right to refuse the Client’s request or extend the processing time for the withdrawal.

12.7. Any fees that are charged by banks or payment systems for the transfer of funds from the Client’s trading account to his/her bank account/payment system account will be paid by the Client. The Client is liable for the correct provision of their payment details.

12.8. The Client agrees that funds will be credited to his/her account with the fee deduction that has been paid to the bank or whichever other payment system the Client is using.

12.9. The Client should withdraw funds using only the same method which was used to make a deposit to his/her trading account. If the Client wishes to use a different payment method, then the Company reserves the right to decline that withdrawal and suggest another payment method.

12.10. To make a successful fund withdrawal the client must provide copies of valid following documents:

a) Passport or valid Identity Card;
b) Utility Bill from the current residential address (not older than 2 months);
c) Card Used to Execute the transaction.
The front side of the card should clearly display the cardholder’s full name, the expiration date of the card, the first six digits of the card and the last four digits of the card.
On the back side of the card the clients should cover the CVV code and make sure that the card is signed.

12.11. If the Client fails to provide the full list of required documents that are necessary to complete a withdrawal, then the Company may request additional documents. If the Client further fails to submit these documents, the Company has the right to refuse further processing of the request and to credit the given funds back to the Client’s trading account.

12.12. In accordance with international rules enforced to prevent money laundering, the Client is required to provide all required information about themselves in a billing document.

12.13. The Company may refuse to accept the Client‘s funds in the following cases:

a) A transfer has been executed by a third party.
b) The Company has reason to suspect that the Client might not be fully authorized to transfer money.
c) The money transfer violates the law of the country where the Company is registered.
d) The Company reasonably suspects dishonest work (fraudulent activities) on the Client’s end.
In all the aforementioned occurrences, the Company will send funds back to the Client through the original payment method the Client used. Any fees charged for the money transfer will be paid by the Client. If the need arises for such a transfer, the Company is required to notify the Client at the soonest possible time, as well as to notify the Client of all fees and expenses which the Client will have to pay.

12.14. The Client is obliged to review and fully comprehend additional information regarding each deposit/withdrawal method.

12.15. When the Client withdraws funds from his/her account, the minimum amount of withdrawal is $100. Depending on the currency of the Client’s account, the exact amount may vary.

12.16 Withdrawal processing fees are displayed in  The Change Ltd.

12.17 Withdrawal requests are being processed within 48 business hours from the withdrawal request.

13. Company’s liability to Client

13.1. The Company shall perform the Client’s transactions in good faith and with proper due diligence but shall not be held liable for any Client omission or fraud. The Company is not liable for any losses that may be caused by the Client’s trading activity.

13.2. In the event the Company incurs losses and damages that arise from the Client’s actions, then the Client is liable to refund all losses and to cover any expenses for the Company.

13.3. The Company shall not be liable for the Client’s fund losses if these losses are the result of the Client’s trading activities and these activities were based on failed market data, unless the Client had notified the Company of this fact.

13.4. The Company cannot be liable for:

a) The Company’s system errors;
b) Third party software errors;
c) Quotes delays;
d) Internet viruses;
e) Illegal Trading terminal usage;
f) Actions of clearing institutions or any others institutions that regulate investment markets.
13.5. The Company is not liable for failing to fulfill its obligations towards the Client, if such failure has been caused by reasons beyond the Company’s control (hardware and software failure, quotes failure or delay, force majeure, etc.).

13.6. The Company and its representatives are not liable for any Client losses that arise from negligence or the violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

13.7. The Client confirms that he/she accepts this Agreement out of his/her own free will. The Company cannot be liable for any situations that are not described in this Agreement and this cannot be considered as fraud from the Company’s side.

14. Agreement duration and amendatory procedure

14.1. This Agreement becomes valid from the moment the Client makes the first deposit to his/her trading account.

14.2. The Client can accept this Agreement digitally and it will be valid for an indefinite time period until its cancellation from either the Company or the Client or both.

14.3. The Company reserves the right to amend the Agreement in the following cases:

a) Legislative or other authority issues, decisions or binding directives which are compulsory for the Company to follow. In such cases, the Company shall unilaterally amend the Agreement.
b) When the amendment of the Agreement is required for the Company’s interests.

15. Cancellation of Agreement

15.1. The Client has the right to cancel the Agreement by giving the Company written notice at least thirty days prior to the cancellation date. The Client should not have any open positions by the date of cancellation and should not be bind with any additional terms and conditions such as bonus and promotions.

15.2. The Company may cancel the Agreement by giving the Client written notice five days prior to the termination date, specifying the date of termination therein.

15.3. The Company may cancel the Agreement immediately without giving any notice to the Client in the following cases:

a) Death of the Client;
b) A decision of bankruptcy of the Client and an application for the aforementioned;
c) Cancellation is required by any competent regulatory authority or body;
d) The Client violates any provision of the Agreement;
e) The Client violates any law, including laws that are not related to investment markets legislation;
f) The Client involves the Company directly or indirectly in any type of illegal activities;
g) The Client’s personal details are not accurate or reliable and do not meet the conditions of this Agreement.
15.4 The cancellation of the Agreement shall not in any case affect the Client’s obligation to pay:

a) Any charges and additional expenses incurred by the Company as a result of the cancellation of the Agreement;
b) Any losses suffered by the Company as a result of paying the Client’s pending fees. The Company reserves the right to reverse all previous transactions which may place the Company’s interests at risk before cancelling the Agreement.
c) Any losses Company has suffered from the result of Client’s trading activity.

16. Failure of the Client to comply with obligations

16.1. The following cases are considered as failure to comply with obligations on the Client’s side:

a) Failure of the Client to make any payment when due under this Agreement.
b) Failure of the Client to perform any provision of this Agreement after notice of non-performance has been provided to the Client by the Company, within one Business Day.
c) The Client’s bankruptcy (in case of legal entity) or the Client’s insolvency (in case of individual).
d) The Client dies or becomes incapable.
e) Any information given by the Client under this Agreement proves to have been false or misleading.
f) Any other situation where the Company reasonably considers that the Client’s actions may cause damage to the Company.
16.2. On the occurrence of a failure to comply with obligations on the Client’s side, the Company is entitled to take any of the following actions:

a) To pay the Client the fair market value of initial investments at the time the Company exercises such right.
b) To close, replace or reverse any transaction to cover the Company’s loss in respect to any of the Client’s contracts.
c) To treat transactions that have been made by the Client as closed (in this case the Company discharges itself from liabilities for those transactions).

17. Risk disclosure

17.1. It shall be noted by the Client that due to market conditions and fluctuations, the value of investment instruments may increase or decrease regardless of the information the Company may provide.

17.2. The Client is aware and acknowledges that there is a great risk of incurring losses when he/she is trading through the Company’s trading platform. The Client accepts that he/she is willing to undertake this risk upon using the Company’s services. The Company is clear that its services are suitable only for clients who are able to bear losses that will not critically change their lifestyle.

17.3. The Client declares that he/she has accepted the following:

a) Past performance of an investment instrument, information on which is given on the Company’s website, does not guarantee its future performance.
b) In cases of investment instruments traded in currencies other than the currency of the Client’s country of residence, the Client will cover the cost of currency conversion and should consider the risk of a change in the exchange rate that will decrease the value and price of the investment instruments.
c) The Client must be aware that he/she is running the risk of losing all of his/her funds and all expenses and commissions incurred by conditions of this Agreement.
d) The Client agrees that when he/she activates a trading account in the Company, he/she will get full services in accordance with the Company’s policy.
17.4. The maximum loss that may be incurred by any Client is the amount of his/her balance or more.

17.5. Each investment contract purchased by a customer via Company’s site is an individual Agreement made between the Client and the Company, and is not transferable to any third party.

17.6. The Company makes available to the Client investment markets quotes, news, analytic data and research reports, etc. This information is provided on the Company’s official website and cannot be considered as a guide to action or investment consulting service. The Company is not liable for the accuracy and reliability of this information.

17.7. The Company cannot guarantee that the Client will make profitable trades. The Client should understand that any market fluctuations might cause profits or losses.

17.8. The Client understands that it is possible to lose his/her partial or full or more than his/her deposit in the short term. The Client may be required to make additional deposits to his/her account so the Company may close the account even with a negative or zero balance. Under such conditions, the Client’s consent is not required.

17.9. The Client agrees that the risk disclosure in this Agreement cannot reflect all possible risks of online trading. The Company thus recommends that clients only make well thought out trades, and that they should be able to estimate possible outcomes and be fully aware of the benefits and burdens they have in partnership with the Company.

17.10. The client acknowledges that the execution prices might be against the true exchange prices displayed on the charts, as chart prices are mainly used as reference rates.

18. Confidentiality of Client’s personal data

18.1. The Company is obliged not to disclose any Client’s information or his/her personal details to any third party without the Client’s consent, unless such disclosure of personal data is required by the law or needed to guarantee the security of the Client’s transactions.

18.2. The Company shall handle all of the Client’s personal data in accordance to the relevant Laws and Regulations for the protection of Personal Data.

18.3. The Company is not obliged to provide the Client with any information except where it is stated in the present Agreement or as required by ruling law.

19. The bonus policy, promotions, trading robots

19.1 The Company offers a number of attractive bonus programs. Bonuses, financial rewards and/or promotions (“bonuses”) are awarded to customers as part of the promotional campaigns of the Company. These bonuses are valid for a time period defined by the Company.

19.2 Clients are not obliged to use any of the bonuses offered by the Company; all bonuses are not binding. Clients can decide whether or not to accept a bonus. If they choose not to accept a bonus, they will not have to comply with the conditions of the bonus. If however they opt for a bonus, clients will be required to comply with the instructions, terms and conditions of the specific bonus program, only if they have fully understood and accepted the rules and conditions of this Agreement.

19.3 Different bonus programs and promotions are carried out in connection with various events and will be credited to a trading account in one of the following forms: Current bonus – the bonus money will be credited directly to the actual balance of the Client’s account. In some cases, refunding the bonus will be available only after a certain number of transactions and volume traded.

19.4 The Company reserves the sole right to decide whether the Client has abused and/or violated the rules for the use of the trading platform and/or bonuses.

19.5 Trading Robot – this is a mechanism of artificial intelligence analysis of changes in market indicators and forecasts, news, and can make decisions to open successful positions.

19.6 Trading Robots are activated automatically from the moment of registration of a trading account. A trading robot opens trades, based on the analysis of basic financial indicators of world trade exchanges. During events where we receive insider information on a positive background in the market, the robot automatically turns on.

20. Communication between Client and Company

20.1. Any notices or instructions as well as requests and other communications between the Client and the Company are carried out in written form. The Client may send a message to the Company’s email [email protected] or other email addresses that belong to official Company representatives. The Company has the right to establish other forms of communication with the Client.

20.2. If communication between the Client and the Company’s representatives is carried out through telephone, the Company has the right to record conversations without any warning, and all records are the Company’s property.

21. Complaints

In case the Client has any complains, they must be submitted to the company, the Company is obliged to handle these complaints fairly and promptly. The Client can submit a complaint to the Company via the email. The Company will send the Client written acknowledgement of receipt, enclosing details of the Company’s complaints handling procedures. The Client is advised to contact the Company’s specialists if he/she would like to obtain further details regarding complaints handling procedures.

22. Final clauses

22.1. The Client agrees that no information from the Company’s side can be considered as pressure to sign this Agreement.

22.2. If any provisions of this Agreement are not in compliance with the law, then those shall not be executed, but all remaining provisions shall remain valid.

22.3. The Client accepts and confirms that he/she is 18 years old or older and is legally permitted to engage in usage of this site and the services under the governing laws of the Company applicable to him/her.

22.4. All actions from the Client’s side have to be taken in accordance with the law of the country where the Company is registered.

22.5. Information about the Company’s activities and business terms and conditions are available to everyone on the Company’s website.

22.6. The Client has no rights to the Company’s intellectual property or license to reproduce any of the content that is published on the Company’s website. All pictures that are used on the Company’s website are owned by the Company or used with copyright holder consent.

22.7. The Client is obliged not to disclose any information and materials that are the Company’s intellectual property without prior consent from the Company.

Materials cannot be considered as free to distribute — they are protected with licenses and any third party wishing to republish them must receive the Company’s permission first.

22.8. When the Client illegally uses materials that are owned by the Company, then he/she is absolutely liable for damage that the Company may suffer from his/her actions. If it comes to the Client’s knowledge that third parties are using materials that belong to the Company then the Client should notify the Company about this immediately.

22.9. The Client is not allowed to use the Company’s brand.